professional ceiling fan installation

Professional Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are great way of staying cool indoors while saving money on your electic bill.  They can also be a stylish addition to your home interior, depending on the design of the fans.

As with many home improvement projects, the average person could attempt to install ceiling fans themselves, but that doesn’t make it a good idea!  Many people mistakenly turn to what we call, “YouTube Electic Company” and try to install fans on their own.

While there are many good “how-to” videos online regarding ceiling fan installations, all kidding aside – electricity can kill you if you make a mistake. There are four critical components to proper fan installation and if your or your installer misses any one of them, it can lead to faulty performance and possible safety hazards.

It is faster, a better use of your time and safer if you hire a professional like ASL Electric.

Why Use ASL Electric for your Home Fan Installation

The first thing we do when installing ceiling fans is check your existing electrical panel and system to make sure it can take the additional load of ceiling fans. If your system is outdated or already overloaded, adding ceiling fans will cause constant circuit breaker problems and power outages in your home.

Proper Sizing and Placement of the Fans

Most homeowners don’t know that the size of your fan is guided by the size of your room. Too big or too small of a fan and you can waste electricity and lose functionality.

Another factor to consider is making sure the spot where you want the fan installed can support the weight. With us, we will make sure your fans are the perfect sizes for your rooms and safely mounted.

We Use the Correct Hardware

You have to choose the correct fan wiring box that goes in your attic  to support and drive your fan.

Many companies try to cut corners here, sometimes using an existing box that may not be powerful enough or buying the cheapest box available. We use the proper box for your fan to guarantee long-term quality and proper use.

Proper Wiring – 100% Safe and Up to Current Building Codes

Once the box is chosen and installed, you have to run power to it. Where you get the power from and how you run it to the box to power the fan must be done safely and up to current buidling code. ASL Electric uses only the highest quality wiring and adheres to the latest building codes for safety and performance.

100% Wobble Free Installation

We have all seen those ceiling fans that were installed improperly that have, “The Wobbles”. This is a sign of poor installation and balancing of the fan blades.

With our professional fan installation, we guarantee 100% wobble-free fans.

Orange County Ceiling Fan Installation Electricians for Sixteen Years

With over 30 years of experience, 16 of those years right here in Orange County, ASL Electric has helped thousands of people with their residential electrical repair, installation and upgrade needs. With our outstanding Orange County weather, ceiling fans are almost a must year round and we have helped thousands of families cool their homes and lower their electrical bills.

High Quality Parts and Equipment for Every Job

Some companies use lower quality parts and equipment to keep their costs low and boost profitability. With ASL Electric, we pride ourselves on only using the top quailty components on the market. We want you to have peace of mind that your repairs, installations and upgrades will be long-lasting and of the best quality you can afford.

Easy to Schedule and Work Around

Electrical home improvement projects can be stressful and challenging to schedule.

The good news is that we are experts in doing these types of upgrades; we know how to coordinate with your busy schedule so that we can be done as quickly and effeciently as possible. We have had more than one customer say once we were done, “That’s it? Wow! That was fast.”

Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured in the state of California.

While working with a handyman or unlicensed contractor or electrician may be less expensive, there is no guarantee on the knowledge or quality of work. What’s worse – if something goes wrong and there is any sort of liability from shoddy work, electrical fire, shock hazard, damaged appliances, bad wiring or anything else – your chances of pursuing the person you hired to do the work who was unlicensed can be a nightmare for you.

When working with ASL Electric, you can have peace of mind that your job will be swiftly, safely, up to local building codes, on time and on budget. And we stand behind our work.

If you are experiencing any of the challenges above with your residential electrical system or panel, give ASL Electric a call at (949) 589-9275 today for a Free Estimate.

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