new construction wiring

New Construction Wiring

If you are building a new house or a commercial property, it is the right time to hire the services of a licensed and professional electrical contractor to take care of new construction wiring. Wiring for all the electrical systems in the property needs to be planned in advance to ensure all the electrical components are installed safely and up to code specifications.

An experienced and reliable electrician with many years of experience in installation of electrical systems in new construction can offer you a variety of services for your electrical needs.

Some of the major services offered by experienced electrical contractors include:

LED recessed lighting
Dimmers and light switches
Circuit breaker panels
USB outlets as well as entertainment wiring
Outdoor lighting
Smart home wiring
Smoke detector system
Telecommunication riding
Entrance chandeliers
Home theater wiring
Surround sound wiring

Why Hire a Professional Electrical Contractor like ASL Electric?

Working with unlicensed or inexperienced electricians can do you more harm than good in the long run. Inexperienced electricians do not have the knowledge to properly design and install a new electrical system in a modern property.

There are many advantages of hiring electrical contractors who are properly licensed, trained and experienced in designing and implementing complex electrical systems. An experienced electrical contractor will design the entire electrical system from scratch keeping in mind your needs.

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured electrical contracting company, we are aware of all the codes for electric installation and wiring at state, federal and local levels. Working with us will ensure that your property’s electrical system is in compliance with various codes. Code compliance is not only necessary to prevent fines but it also ensures the safety of all the electrical equipment in your property.

Our company will custom design the electric system to ensure it is perfect for your new property and is installed correctly from the beginning.

As an electrical contractor serving Orange County for sixteen years, we understand the need to coordinate and work with other contractors who are simultaneously working on other parts of your project. By working well together with our fellow contractors, we ensure everyone stays on time and on budget for your project while making sure your new wiring is done professionally, safely and up to code.

We can also guide regarding the permitting process that comes with new construction electrical installations. A variety of permits are needed to install certain electrical systems. We are aware of the requirements and can offer you advice as to the best way to navigate the sometimes challenging permit process with your local governing body. Long-term, it is always best for you property values, re-sale values and peace of mind to make sure that you get the proper permits for your project.

If you are ready to start your new electrical wiring construction project, call ASL Electric today at (949) 589-9275 for a no-obligation consultation.

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