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Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful landscape lighting design is the ultimate combination of function and form.

While it is possible that you can attempt to design and install your own custom landscape lighting, you will save valuable time, money and untold levels of aggravation if you hire a professional landscape lighting contractor like ASL Electric.

By hiring a qualified and licensed electrical contractor to install your outdoor lighting, you will be creating a new look, feel and functionality to your home’s exeterior and increasing the value of your long-term investment.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting Installation For Residential Property Owners

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Long gone are the days when a single exposed bulb hanging on a post outside constituted ‘outside lighting’. Today, a quality landscape lighting design creates a stunning visual presence of your home, increasing the curb appeal when people drive by or visit. This also gives your home a certain look and feel that done right, can feel like an extension of your personality.

By creating and installing a custom lighting design, you add a ‘pop’ to your property.  With us, we can design a personalized lighting style to meet your specific vision and needs.

Modernize Your Landscaping

A custom outdoor lighting installation can showcase a property in a beautiful, yet subtle manner.  Working with us, we can develop a design that will accentuate the home’s unique features tastefully.  Due to the popularity of landscape lighting installations, design architects are now able to create layouts that will add to the home’s authenticity and not detract from it.

You can vary the type and direction of your lighting to change the look and feel of your property. Whatever you want to feature or accent, it can be done at night through a proper low voltage landscape lighting system.

Inspire Intimate Gatherings

Many of us have customized landscape design in our backyards so we can entertain family and friends. Well designed lighting features can also add a degree of dimension to your backyard at night, enhancing the energy and look of your backyard. A properly lit entertainment area can keep people energized, engaged and enjoying each other’s company for hours.

Be Eco-Friendly

Being green is an important facet of daily living, and this can be attained by using the correct type of low voltage outdoor lighting installation.  The introduction of low-voltage lights provides an opportunity to keep the home well lit without any increased financial costs.

Increased Security

Security is one of the most important features to consider when building or developing a property, especially for your landscape. By reducing the levels of darkness surrounding your property, you make it easier to monitor your surroundings. A good outdoor lighting installation can also help reduce the chance of injuries from trips, falls or walking into objects obscured in the dark.

Trusted Orange County Outdoor Lighting Installations since 2001

ASL Electric, Inc has been helping Orange County families with all types of electrical repair and installation needs since 2001.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and we only use the highest quality parts and equipment on our jobs. This guarantees you long-lasting quality and peace of mind in your lighting investment.

Find out for yourself the difference working with a professional electrical contractor can make when installing your outdoor lighting. Call ASL Electric today at (949)589-9275 for a Free Estimate.


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