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For most of us, our home is our biggest and most important investment. That’s why illuminating your home at night serves as an important part of any robust home security system. But with so many styles of security lighting and bulbs to choose from, how do you decide on a system that’s right for your property — and your budget, especially when considering your energy bills?

The answer is simple. If you’re considering floodlight installation in Orange County CA, then you want the help and advice of security lighting professionals like our team of licensed pros at ASL Electric. Remember: Since you’re most likely looking to protect yourself, your family, property and possessions, you don’t want to leave this job to someone who doesn’t understand what complete customer satisfaction is all about.

Floodlight Installation Service — County CA

Whether it’s floodlight installation or spotlight installation in Orange County CA, the reason for having lighting installed is that you want the ability to see your property clearly at night. After all, a well-lit home is a huge deterrent to criminals and prowlers. In addition, for your family and guests, it’s also about being able to safely see their way in and out of your house after sunset. Of course, with professional floodlight installation from ASL Electric, you get more than light — you gain the ability to control that light in the manner that best fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Benefits of Professional Spotlight and Floodlight Installation

Every property is different. But dark corners, large shadows and unlit spaces all invite trouble that you simply don’t want. Fortunately, we’re highly trained in residential electrical systems as well as the latest security lighting products available. Put that knowledge together with our great service and you get the most cost-effective system to match your property’s needs. Here are some features to consider:

  • Low-voltage system: While you have 120 volts running through your home’s interior electrical system, you only need a low-voltage system for your exterior security lighting. With the use of LED bulbs, a low-voltage system is safer to use and easier on your wallet. And when it’s installed properly with any necessary step-down transformers, a low-voltage system will last for years and years. 
  • LED floodlights: The benefits of LED floodlights are numerous. They last far longer and use less energy than other forms of lighting. Moreover, they don’t heat up and are impervious to extreme temperature changes, so they’re safe to use. In addition, with no mercury, lead or carbon emissions, they’re eco-friendly. And to top it all off, LED floodlights produce a white light similar to sunlight, so their illumination is highly effective for the human eye.
  • Timers and motion detectors: Do you get home late from work but don’t want strangers to know your schedule? Do you want to know when a person or large animal enters your property? In both of these instances, a timer in combination with a motion detector switch can be helpful. It can automatically turn on your floodlights and, after you go to bed, you can save plenty of money by leaving your security system on a motion detector switch that will only turn on your lights when movement is detected nearby.
  • Ring floodlight cameras: The Ring Floodlight Cam has to be one of the smartest devices on the market today. It’s a motion detector, security camera and floodlight system all in one unit. With a 270° field of view, 110-decibel alarm and a host of customizable features including camera zoom, two-way audio and motion zones, this unit gives you an unparalleled level of security. Plus, with its handy app, you can control the entire system from your smartphone.

ASL Electric  for Professional Spotlight and Floodlight Installation

At ASL Electric, we’ve been providing customized security lighting solutions to residential and commercial properties throughout Orange County CA for years. Our company is proud of its reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction. That means our job isn’t complete until you’re totally satisfied with the results. Contact us now for a free quote and answers to all your spotlight and floodlight installation questions.



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